Singapore Ranked 123rd, Out Of 150 Countries For Residential Price Growth

SGP was ranked 123rd out of 1hundred 50 nations as residential property values in the city-state gone up by just 0.7percent year-on-year at the third quart of ’20, revealed Knight Frank Global Residential Cities Index.

The Philippines lead the ranking, by having its capital, MNL, submitting a 34.9percent y-o-y inflation in apartment prices.

Klimt Cairnhill – developer

Turkish towns Izmir (28 percent), Ankara (27 percent) together with Istanbul (26 percent) held the 2nd, 4th and third positions, accordingly, whereas Russia’s St Petersburg (nineteen %) wrapped up the main 5.

The index’s every year growth rate increased between second quart 2020 plus Q3 2020, from 4.1 % to 4.7 %, by having eighteen cities reporting rate intensification of higher than ten % y-o-y, reviewed to 16 in 2nd quarter 2K20.

” All eyes are presently on fourth quarter records when we might possibly see greater regional changes develop,” said Knight Frank Research.

” EU probablies find amount increase conservative in Q4 due to current isolation, prior to a future release of pent up demand in Q1 2K21, while transactions plus amounts around a few areas of Asia may start to get resistance.”

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