HDB’s BTO Sales Exercise Marred With Website Glitches

SGPreans seeking to look for a Housing Development Board apartment on 17 November met troubles in filing their internet requests, having some uploading their grievances on social media.

Some claimed they were not able to pay the administrative cost to secure a Housing Development Board level, while several get unclear whether their payment got through due to the fact that these applicants did not obtain a confirmation, stated CNA.

Some other got a “502 bad gateway” page.

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This problem occurs after Housing Development Board debuted over 5 thousand 7 hundred houses to sell within the Nov 2020 Build-to-Order movement. Housing Development Board furthermore offered 5 thousand 2 hundred houses across several area and estates under the SBF operation.

HDB said that they understands the issues confronting several buyers and assured that it is operating to work through the problem.

” Our staff are aware that a number of house candidates are coping with difficulties while filing their Build-to-Order/ SBF requisitions online, furthermore we are apologetic toward the disruption created,” HDB pointed out in a Facebook message and covered through CNA.

” Inquirers with unsuccessful settlement logs and/or did not receive any confirmation email are encouraged to redo once again afterwards.”

HDB expressed indicating the purchase exercise are going to occur for 7 days, henceforth, customers will possess up until 2359hrs on 23 Nov to put forward their requisitions.

“Victorious seekers will get identified with the assistance of an eletronic poll, and never on a first-come, first-served basis,” added Housing Development Board.

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